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This blog has been created to share the beauty of Extremadura, one among the last paradises in western Europe. My pictures and videos are not high quality; they intend to show that with inexpensive means and an aficionado approach one can get hold of amazing experiences in this region, full of bio- and territorial diversity. I hope you enjoy what I love sharing. Unless stated otherwise, all the pictures and videos shown here have been shot by and belong to this blog's author.

lunes, 26 de octubre de 2009

Summer and early autumn '09

Latest pics from short fieldtrips in Extremadura

Damselflies (Sp caballitos del diablo) and short-toed eagle (Sp águila culebrera) in a gorge at La Vera , spoonbill (Sp espátula) and yellow wagtail (Sp lavandera boyera) at the Los Canchales resevoir and snipe (Sp agachadiza), thekla lark (Sp cogujada montesina) and otter! (Sp nutria), at the Embalse de Talaván reservoir under the spell of the call above, of crane flocks.

playing, at ease, on the reservoir quiet waters
at Talaván

Thekla lark

Great bustards

Yellow wagtails


Short-toed eagle

green damselfly
azzure Damselfly